Graduated Seminar/ Brown Bag Talks

 -  02:00 pm
DFKI Vortrag

Robotics and AI in agriculture (@ DFKI Niedersachsen)

from: Kai von Shadkowski  (DFKI GmbH - Niedersachsen)
The field of agriculture is in rapid transformation, with more and more digital technologies entering applications on the farms and fields. AI and robotics are key players in this, enabling smarter or even autonomous processes in the fields, such as automated plant phenotyping (assessing the state o…

 -  02:45 pm
Externer Vortrag

1st JOINT SESSION CIMATEC & DFKI: NDT Technologies for Robotics

from: Rafael Santana Queiroz  (SENAI CIMATEC)

 -  02:30 pm
At this event, I will present and defend my PhD thesis titled "An Expert Knowledge Representation Based on Real World Experiences in Proof-of-Concept Robot System Design". A summary of the topic is given below. The development of proof-of-concept robotic systems requires a high level of domainorie…

 -  02:00 pm
DFKI Vortrag

BBT on Fieldtest Lanzarote

from: Thomas Vögele  (DFKI Bremen)
In the EU funded project CoRob-X, DFKI together with 7 partners from 5 EU member states developed a cooperative robot team to investigate hard-to-reach places on planetary surfaces, such as lava tubes on the moon. In January and February 2023, we demonstrated the feasibility of the CoRob-X concept i…

 -  02:00 pm
Externer Vortrag

HASEL Artificial Muscles for a New Generation of Bioinspired, Lifelike Robots

from: Daniela Macari  (Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems (CLS))
Natural muscle is a masterpiece of evolution enabling biological organisms to achieve levels of agility, dexterity, and adaptability yet unmatched by the most advanced, state-of-the-art robotic systems. The excellent all-round performance of muscle has inspired the pursuit of an artificial equivalen…

 -  02:00 pm
Externer Vortrag

The Uncanny Valley and the X-Axis Problem: A Novel Categorization of Robot Design in the Spectrum from Machine to Human

from: Eva Jahn  (TUM, MIRMI - Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence and FSU, IfKW - Institute for communication science, Jena)
Uncanny Valley, proposed by Japanese robotics expert Masahiro Mori (1970), is a controversial effect related to the design and likeability of robots. According to Mori, as similarity to humans increases, so should the perceived likeability and thus acceptance of robots. However, this is not consiste…

 -  02:00 pm
Externer Vortrag
Dr. Thamer is an entrepreneur, researcher, designer, and now a CEO of a small enterprise born and raised in Bremen, Cellumation GmbH.  The company develops and builds flexible and intelligent conveyor technology for production & logistics. They reimagine and optimize material flow systems f…

 -  11:00 am
DFKI Vortrag
New research challenges in robotics, which arise from attempts to get robots out of isolated environments into human spaces with a close human-robot interaction, demand new methods to acquire a deeper understanding of the human behavior and intentions. Especially in Learning from Demonstration (LfD)…

 -  12:00 pm
Externer Vortrag

Interactive Assistive Robots for People with Impairments

from: Dr. Maria Kyrarini  (Santa Clara University, CA, USA)
Abstract: Assistive robotic manipulators have the potential to support individuals with impairments to regain some of their independence in performing Activities of Daily Living. For individuals with impairments, interaction with assistive robotic manipulators is a very challenging task. In this ta…

 -  01:00 pm
Externer Vortrag

Introducing the Honduras Oceanographic Society initiative

from: Andres Baltasar Alegria Chinchilla  (Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremen)
The Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Honduras expands ∼210,000 km2 and remains largely unexplored. After the Global Deep-Sea Capacity Assessment defined a baseline of the technical and human capacity for deep-sea exploration and research worldwide in 2022, it stated that Central America is the sub-r…

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