Promotion of young talents

DFKI knows how important young scientists are. For this reason, children and young people are offered an insight into the working world of scientists in various formats. For example, DFKI is a network partner in the MINTforum Bremen and regularly participates in the initiative's programs.

DFKI Bremen also takes part in the Future Day for Girls and Boys or Girls' Day every year. For example, the students get to know the various test facilities and laboratories of the Robotics Innovation Center and receive an overview of current research work. They also learn a lot about the day-to-day work of the scientists and what training opportunities are available.

Unfortunately, DFKI does not have any free capacity for the school internship, but a one-week internship is offered during the fall break. During this internship, participants work in various departments and learn about the different professional groups that work hand in hand at DFKI.

Our Open Day or our participation in the OPEN CAMPUS of the University of Bremen are another good opportunity to get to know DFKI Bremen, experience robots in action and talk to the researchers.

More detailed information about our offers can be found on the respective linked subpages.

last updated 23.01.2024