Backbones - Software Backbone

The complexity of robots continues to increase and is constantly creating new demands not only on the hardware design but also on software solutions. A variety of software components and increasingly complex software architectures require special measures that ensure both high reliability and efficient handling.

The overall goal of the team "Software Backbone" team is to standardize software development to facilitate the handling of research questions despite high integration requirements in robotics. The team faces challenges associated with the growing complexity and continues to develop software components that emerge from research activities in individual projects. To do this, strategically important research results are integrated in a quality improvement process. This process is of fundamental importance since a high-quality software base allows for a greater focus on key research questions in projects.

To achieve these goals, relevant software components are continuously recorded and processed. These upgraded software components are embedded in reference architectures to provide research projects with an ever-expanding selection of software that integrates with minimal effort.

Team lead: Dr.-Ing. Malte Langosz
Deputy: Dipl.-Inf. Steffen Planthaber

last updated 22.05.2023
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