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Master Thesis

Name Thema
Rodrigues, Vinayvivian Pedrick Kinetostatic Analysis of a 6-RUS Parallel Continuum Robot
Karim Khaled Zanaty Examining the Potential of VVAD-LRS3: A comprehensive Cross-Comparison throughout State-of-the-Art VVAD Data Sets
Stark, Franek Model Predictive Control for 3-dot free floating platform with binary actuated thrusters and reaction wheel
Glinka, Felix Development and Analysis of a Fused Pose Estimator and a Visual Odometry Component for a Robotic Rover
Seidler, Florian Evaluation von Greifmetriken mittels monokularen RGB Aufnahmen
Gelbhardt, Hannes Ambient Air Pollution Prediction
Moavia, Hasnain Implementation and Evaluation of Visual Voice Activity Detection in Human Robot Interaction
Lim, Jung Min Design of compliant robot leg using variable stiffness mechanism
Felmet, André Episodic Lang-Term Memory for Planetary Robotics Autonomous Navigation
Srinivas, Shourie Grama Mechatronic Design and Control of an Underactuated Three-link Brachiation Robot
Zhang, Chi Reinforcement Learning-based Control for Swing-up and Stabilization of an Underactuated Double Pendulum System
Albracht, Maximilian Lukas Control of Dynamic Parkour Motions for a hopping leg on a Broomstick
Kränzle, Cedrik Visual Voice Activity Detection with state-of-the-art video classifiers
Rust, Lukas Local Dynamics Adaption for Trajectory Optimization and Stabilization of underactuated AUV's
Schnauder, Tim Adversarial Driven Exploration in Coordinative Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning

Bachelor Thesis

Name Thema
Brandstetter, Elias Compact State Space Representation for Quantum Deep Reinforcement Learning utilizing Auto Encoders
Ait aouicha, Yassine Design and implementation of a controller for an ROV
Gärtner, Andreas Positions- und Lagebestimmung eines unbemannten Unterwasserfahrzeuges mit Hilfe optischer, Inertial und Tiefensensoren
Mutambara, Rutendo Battery Simulation for the robotic Exploration of a lunar lava tube
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