Advanced AI - Quantum Computing

The "Quantum Computing" team brings together DFKI researchers with a strong scientific background in physics and computer science with academic research teams from the University of Bremen to develop (cloud-based) concepts and solutions in quantum computing and quantum machine learning for AI application fields and classical optimization problems. This results in several research hypotheses that define the research agenda for cloud-based quantum computing in robotics at the Bremen site.  Among other things, this agenda aims to solve memory consolidation problems and enable internal simulation of potential action sequences. In addition, the team is making statistical and logical considerations involving uncertainty methods developed in Artificial Intelligence that, on the one hand, allow to extract results of quantum computing and, on the other hand, could help to develop applications that can live with the inherent uncertainty of quantum computing. In addition, the team is working on methods, tools, and design flows that enable the development of software for different hardware setups of quantum computers.  

Teamleitung: Dr. rer. nat. Gunnar Schönhoff
Deputy: Dr. Elie Mounzer

last updated 22.05.2023
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