Applied AI - Intelligent HealthCare Systems

In order to meet increasing demands in the healthcare sector, robotics and artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in the field. Goals are prevention and health promotion, the support of therapeutic measures and assistance in everyday life and work. The focus here is on providing appropriate support for the needs of patients and people in need of care as well as physicians, therapists and nurses, and relatives taking into account their individual environment.

The focus of the "Intelligent HealthCare Systems" team is on systems that automatically adapt to the dynamic requirements of rehabilitation and therapy. Examples are to learn from multimodal data to optimize the support of those affected in the various fields of applications. Innovations are not only specially designed solutions, but should also be used efficiently across sectors (for example, from inpatient to outpatient). Examples include exoskeletons and orthotics, which provide customized motor support based on bio signals and data from sensors implemented in the system, thus pursuing an "as-is-needed" approach. Another focus of the team is the development of AI-based and robotic systems that reduce physical and/or cognitive burdens at work or in everyday life. In all cases, benefits and ethical and legal issues are considered for every development.


  • Rehabilitation Devices
  • Assistance in daily life
  • Assistance in medical applications
  • Assistance at work
  • Multimodal data analysis for situational support

Teamleader: Prof. Dr. Elsa Kirchner
Deputy: Dipl.-Ges.Wirt (FH) Niels Will

last updated 05.09.2023