Advanced Security Guard V4

Asguard V4 (Photo: Felix Grimminger, DFKI GmbH)
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Technical Details

Size: bounding-box: (935mm x 560mm x 500mm), wheelbase: 520mm, wheel diameter: 416mm
Weight: 16Kg
Power supply: Lithium Polymer Batteries: 4 x Kokam 15V 5000mAh
Actuation/ Engine:
servo: Dynamixel Rx-28, DC-Motor: Faulhaber 3863 024 CR + planetary gear 66:1
- laser scanner: Hokuyo –UTM-30LX
- stereo camera: 2 x Guppy F-036C / objective: TS4124-4mm Pentax
- IMU: Xsens Mti-28A53G35
- D-GPS: GPS-702-GG Dual Frequency GPS+GLONASS Pinwheel Antenna
- optical incremental Encoder Agilent AEDB-9140
mobile router: ASUS WL-330N3G, Long Range radio RF Modem: AMBER Wirless AMB8385
Embedded PC Quad Core i7

Organisational Details

Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
Grant number: This project is funded by the Space Agency of the German Aerospace Center with federal funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in accordance with the parliamentary resolution of the German Parliament, grant no. 50RA0907.
Application Field: Space Robotics
SAR- & Security Robotics
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System description

CAD Model of the Asguard v4 system (Quelle: Felix Grimminger, DFKI GmbH)
Asguard v4 front-view (Foto: Felix Grimminger, DFKI GmbH)
Asguard v4 in an outdoor environment (Foto: Felix Grimminger, DFKI GmbH)
The Asguard v4 is a leg-wheel hybrid which can be used in difficult outdoor environments. The system was designed on the basis of the predecessors in the Asguard series. The main improvement of the v4 system is in the modularity of the subsystems. Like the v3 version, Asguard v4 has a powerful on-board PC, which can be used to process the sensor data from the Laser-Range-Finder, the Cameras, IMU and RTK-GPS, so that the system can operate in unknown terrain. Asguard does not rely on an external power supply, but can operate for multiple hours with its on-board batteries. The system can be tele-operated via videolink, but also has the ability to autonomously perform waypoint navigation with local obstacle avoidance. The powerful motors allow the system to carry payloads of multiple kg in mass.



Die aktuelle Version 4 von ASGUARD bei ersten Tests im Gelände

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