Exoskeleton Passive (VI-Bot)

Upper body exoskeleton (right arm) for motion capturing

Technical Details

Size: 920x400x580mm
Weight: 4 Kg
Power supply:
Actuation/ Engine:
Position sensors (potentiometer)

Organisational Details

Application Field: Assistance- and Rehabilitation Systems
Underwater Robotics
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Virtual Immersion for holistic feedback control of semi-autonomous robots (01.2008- 12.2010)
Recupera REHA
Full-body exoskeleton for upper body robotic assistance (09.2014- 12.2017)
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Upper body Exoskeleton (right arm)
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

Backview (Photo: Steffen Schmidt, DFKI)

The passive exoskeleton is a human interface to capture movements of the human right arm, including the upper shoulder in order to teleoperate higly complex robotic systems in an intuitive way.

The exoskeleton is a parallel kinematics with 10 degrees of freedom of the human kinematics and tracks the human movements as naturally and detailed as possible. The arm and shoulder movements are captured from the human contact points forearm, upper arm and shoulder in relation to the base-fixing torso.

The passive exoskeleton is a preliminary study for an active exoskeleton with force interaction. With this exoskeleton the kinematics used later on and comfort situation were evaluated.


VI-Bot: Passive exoskeleton

Teleoperation with the Passive Exoskeleton.

VI-Bot: Virtual immersion

Virtual Immersion for holistic feedback control of semi-autonomous robots

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