Exoskeleton Active (VI-Bot)

Upper body Exoskeleton (right arm)

Technical Details

Size: 920x400x580mm, based on the 95th percentile male
Weight: 15 Kg
Power supply:
Power consumption of the hydraulic power unit 400W
Actuation/ Engine:
Electrohydraulic (20Nm at 30 Bar) and pneumatic
Force sensors for human Force Feedback points, Pressure sensors for Joint torque
Sensors of Hydraulic power unit:
Flow, System pressure, Oil temperature
Proportional valve control:
Inductice linear position sensor
Joint position:
Optical encoder with 2880 CPR and Index, Magnetistrictive linear position sensor

Organisational Details

Application Field: Assistance- and Rehabilitation Systems
Underwater Robotics
Related Projects: VI-Bot
Virtual Immersion for holistic feedback control of semi-autonomous robots (01.2008- 12.2010)
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Upper body exoskeleton (right arm) for motion capturing
Related Software: pySPACE
Signal Processing and Classification Environment written in Python
Reconfigurable Signal Processing and Classification Environment
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

Frontview of the older Version (Photo: Steffen Schmidt, DFKI GmbH)

The active Exoskeleton is a human interface for motion capturing and force interaction.The System is fixed at four points to the human body and can interact with the user at the upper shoulder, upper arm and forearm.

The four human fixing points are connected via a kinematic structure with nine degrees of freedom. Six of these joints are hydraulically actuated and one is pneumatically actuated. The combination of  hydraulic- and pneumatic actuation offers the possibility to adapt the system stiffness to different motor skills of the user.

The hydraulic actuation is performed with vane actuators which are controlled via a proportional valve to regulate flow and pressure.The force interaction is measured with force sensors in the human  fixing points and pressure sensors in the hydraulic circuit. The Exoskeleton is backdriveable and can also used in a free running mode.


VI-Bot: Final active exoskeleton

Teleoperation with the final Active Exoskeleton

VI-Bot: Active Exoskeleton 2010


Teleoperation with the Active Exoskeleton

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