Crater Explorer

Integrated system in DFKI’s Space Exploration Hall (Photo: DFKI)

Technical Details

Size: 820 x 1000 x 220 mm (normal posture)
Weight: 27kg
Power supply: 50V/2.400mAh
Actuation/ Engine:
24 joints for 6 legs + 1 body joint (RoboDrive + HarmonicDrive) 2 Servo motors (Dynamixel) for head control
Joints: Current measurement, voltage measurement, rotational speed, position (absolute and incremental), temperature; Each foot: 4x pressure for deformation measurement of flexible foot material, 3-axis acceleration measurement, optical encoder for immersion of spring element in lower leg, ADC for 4x strain gauges usable for i.e. bending measurement of optional claws
Electro-mechanical interface (EMI) for tight connection to Sherpa in the project RIMRES. The interface is controlling energy and data exchange between coupled systems

Organisational Details

Application Field: Space Robotics
Related Projects: ANT
Modular components as Building Blocks for application-specific configurable space robots (07.2021- 06.2024)
Environment Modelling and Navigation for Robotic Space-Exploration (10.2014- 12.2017)
Related Software: Rock
Robot Construction Kit

System description

CREX as CAD model in stowed position for transport attached to Sherpa robot (Source: DFKI)

CREX (CRater EXplorer) is a six-legged walking robot that is based on the developments in the project SpaceClimber.

CREX acts as a scouting system in the project RIMRES. The robot is intended to explore the inner of deep lunar polar craters in search for water ice or other volatile substances.

Via the electro-mechanical interface on CREX‘ back the robot can be connected to the Sherpa rover for travelling longer distances. Furthermore an expansion of the system‘s capabilities is possible with the EMI: Additional battery modules or scientific instruments can be docked to the interface.


CREX: Körperhaltungen

CREX zeigt die Beweglichkeit seines Körpers. Diese ist beispielsweise für das Docken an Sherpa oder komplexe Bewegungen in steilen Kraterumgebungen notwendig.

RIMRES: Sherpa und CREX

Sherpa setzt CREX ab. Dies kann beispielsweise der Absetzvorgang von der Landefähre zu Beginn der Mission sein

RIMRES: Systeme in einer polaren Monderkundungsmission

Das Video zeigt eine mögliche Mission des RIMRES-Systems zur Erkundung eines polaren Mondkraters.

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