Autonomous Non-wheeled all-Terrain rover

Navigation system for legged robots for traversing unconsolidated, inclined, and rugged terrain.

Duration: 27.01.2021 till 26.10.2022
Donee: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
Sponsor: ESA
Grant number: ESA AO/1-10289/20/NL/RA

Italian Institute of Technology
Airbus Defence and Space Ltd.

Application Field: Space Robotics
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Environment Modelling and Navigation for Robotic Space-Exploration (10.2014- 12.2017)
Exploration in terrain difficult to access (e.g. Valles Marineris) using visual and proprioceptive data. (05.2015- 06.2018)
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Project details

The objective of the activity is to develop the ANT navigation system for legged robots. It will be able to perceive the terrain, to plan a path to a desired goal and to control the path execution while traversing unconsolidated, inclined, and rugged terrain. A modular generic approach is being developed to exploit the potential of robots with four (quadrupeds) as well as with six legs (hexapods).


ANT: Navigation system enables walking systems to explore rough inclined terrain

ANT: Novel Navigation System for Multi-legged Robots, second phase

ANT: Novel Navigation System for Multi-legged Robots



Towards a Generic Navigation and Locomotion Control System for Legged Space Exploration
Alexander Dettmann, Steffen Planthaber, Vinzenz Bargsten, Raul Dominguez, Gianluca Cerilli, Marco Marchitto, Geoff Fink, Michele Focchi, Victor Barasuol, Claudio Semini, Robert Marc
In Proceedings of the Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation, (ASTRA-2022), 01.6.-02.6.2022, Nordwijk, ESA, 2022. ESA.

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