Documentation vehicle

Technical Details

Size: 457 mm x 338 mm x 254 mm
Weight: In air 11-12 kg depending on battery
Power supply:
Lithium-Polymer-Battery with 18Ah for 2-6 hours of operation
Speed: Approx. 1.5 m/s (3 kn)
Actuation/ Engine:
6 T200 thruster in a vector configuration
1080p Camera with live-image, tiltable around the pitch axis
Pressure sensor
Tethered operation with copper cable (neutrally buoyant), two cables with 100 and 200m length are available
Max. operating depth:

Organisational Details

Application Field: Underwater Robotics
Related Projects: EurEx
Europa-Explorer (12.2012- 04.2016)
EurEx-Safe Long-Term Navigation (09.2017- 10.2019)
Related Robots: DeepLeng
Exploration-AUV for Long-Term Missions
Teredo IceShuttle
Through-Ice-Cap Transfer-Vehicle & Base Station

System description

Field trials in the project EurEx-Luna in Abisko, Sweden 2022 (Photo: DFKI GmbH)

The BlueROV2 is a commercial underwater vehicle used primarily as a documentation system. As a tethered vehicle, the camera image can be observed in real time, allowing experiments with other underwater vehicles to be filmed and documented. With its 6 thrusters, it can also be used safely in stronger currents. Since it has its own battery power supply, no additional infrastructure is required for use other than a laptop as a control device. Thanks to its low weight, no crane is required even when used in the field.


AUV DeepLeng: docking under Ice

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last updated 07.11.2023