Turtlebot 3

Mobile robot extended with camera

Technical Details

Size: 138mm x 178mm x 192mm
Weight: 1kg (including battery and sensors)
Power supply:
12V, 1800mAh (Lithium Ion),
12 V power supply,
or 9.9 V 2100mAh (Lithium Polymer)
Speed: 0.22 m/s
Actuation/ Engine:
LDS-01 LiDAR-Scanner
Raspberry Pi Kamera v2.1
WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN
Googley Eyes

Organisational Details

Website: https://emanual.robotis.com/docs/en/platform/turtlebot3/overview/
Application Field: Logistics, Production and Consumer
Related Robots: OfficeRobot
Robots for office environments based on TurtleBot 2
This system is used for teaching students.

System description

Turtlebot 3 with camera module (Photo: Andreas Bresser, DFKI GmbH)

In our various courses students have access to 12 turtlebot robot systems that are used in teaching for students to learn basics in modern robot frameworks and autonomous robotics or to perform own experiments.

The Turtlebot robot is used in many Universities, Institutes or in the Industry as standard platform to teach basics of the ROS framework.

We extended our Turtlebot robots with a camera and software to support an alternative 9.9 Volt Lithium Polymer battery instead of the 12 Volt Lithium Ion battery.


Robot Design Lab: Studying computer science creates opportunities to shape our future world

Robot design and control architectures, machine learning methods and human-centered interaction with robots – the Robotics Group at Faculty 3 of the University of Bremen together with the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center offer courses from the basics to the most advanced concepts in robotics. Robot Design Lab is an introductory course. Here students learn about the software and hardware architecture of robots. Autonomous navigation concepts are applied on TurtleBot robots, which are able to traverse mazes and detect geometrical shapes in the environment.

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last updated 08.07.2024