Robots for office environments based on TurtleBot 2

Technical Details

Size: 40cm x 40cm x 130cm
2D-LIDAR, RGB / RGB-D Kamera

Organisational Details

Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Grant number: 19543
Application Field: Assistance- and Rehabilitation Systems
Related Projects: UPLINX
Cross-site qualification program Machine Learning for practice (01.2018- 12.2019)
This system is used for teaching students.

System description

Customized Turtlebot systems for long-term learning applications in Uplinx (Photo: Thomas Frank, DFKI GmbH)

These systems are used to support various teaching activities in the field of robotics, which are conducted in cooperation with the University of Bremen. Based on the widely used TurtleBot 2 platform, a small fleet of 7 systems has been built to accommodate different application scenarios.

Central topics in the activities pursued so far:
    - perception
    - manipulation
    - navigation
    - behavioral adaptation
    - human-machine interaction
    - long-term autonomy

Specific application examples include the practical use of reinforcement learning for generating navigation movements, gesture-based remote control, and various interaction scenarios, some involving face recognition, such as a mail delivery system or providing information via the integrated touch display.

Depending on the specific use case, the systems are equipped with manipulators, various sensors and computing resources.

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last updated 08.07.2024