Technical Details

Size: 0.960 x 0.793 x 1.5 m
Weight: ~160 kg
Power supply:
24V Lead Acid Batteries
Speed: 1.1 m/s
Actuation/ Engine:
Omniwheel drives
2x Hokuyo UST-10LX Laser Scanner
Onboard IMU
Ethernet, USB 3.0, RS 232, Wireless

Organisational Details

Sponsor: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
Grant number: 01MK20001B
Application Field: Logistics, Production and Consumer
Related Robots: iMRK
iMRK Dual-Arm Robot (Photo: Annemarie Popp, DFKI GmbH)
Mobile Autonomous Robot for IntraLogistics in Retail

System description

OmniPick is an omnidirectional mobile manipulator consisting of a Ridgeback platform from Clearpath Robotics, and the collaborative Franka Emika Panda manipulator with 7 active degrees of freedom and 2-finger gripper. The system is equipped with an additional external PC, a WLAN access point, and a wireless node

The robot serves as a research platform for mobile packaging, i.e., joint control of the degrees of freedom of the mobile base and the robot arm. In this way, the robot has a total of 10 degrees of freedom, and the use of the base increases the range for manipulation.

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last updated 07.11.2023