Mobile Autonomous Robot for IntraLogistics in Retail

Technical Details

Size: 1,28 x 0,58 x 0,35 m
Weight: 100kg
Power supply:
2x 24V Lithium-Ion Battery
Speed: 1,5 m/s
Actuation/ Engine:
Differential Drives
2x Sick Laserscanner
2x Intel Real-Sense 3D camera
4x Orbec Astra RGB-D Camera
Ultrasonic sensor
Pointer unit for human-robot interaction

Organisational Details

Sponsor: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
Grant number: 01MK20001B
Application Field: Logistics, Production and Consumer
Related Robots: Mobipick
iMRK Dual-Arm Robot (Photo: Annemarie Popp, DFKI GmbH)

System description

MARLIN in operation in a retail store

MARLIN consists of a MiR100 platform with transport hook, equipped with an external PC, a pointer unit and 4 RGB-D cameras, which provide point clouds in a 360-degree view. The system can autonomously pick up, transport and park transport carts commonly used in logistics or retail applications. Interaction with the user can be done via a connected tablet

The design of MARLIN was guided by the requirements of the pilot application "Service Robotics to Support Store Employees" within the knowledge4retail (K4R) project. In this project, a mobile, autonomous robot was to be developed to assist store employees in replenishing shelves. The robot should be able to navigate efficiently and safely in a retail store. It should also (a) detect and classify obstacles with its 3D sensors, (b) reuse existing structures of the store, e.g. trolleys for intralogistics, and (c) provide user interfaces for interaction with the employees.

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last updated 08.07.2024