Exploration AUV for long-distance-missions

Technical Details

Size: Ø 0.22 m x approx. 3.5 m
Weight: 73 kg
Power supply: Lithium-Polymer-Battery with 1.75 kWh at 48 V (approx. 10 hours endurance)
Speed: Approx. 3 m/s (6 kn)
Actuation/ Engine:
1 Main thruster (pan-tiltable), 2 lateral thrusters, each 600W. 2 buoyancy engines (each 0.7l volume)
Evologics S2CR 48/78 USBL, Rowe 1.2MHz dual-head DVL, KVH 1750 3-Achs FOG/IMU, Paroscientific series 6000 pressure sensor, Micron DST obstacle-avoidance sonar, 2x Reson TC4013 hydrophone, ground-stereo camera system, ground camera, docking-camera (all cameras HD, uncompressed full-frame recording), 9x 3500 lm LED-flasher
USBL (modem function), Ethernet (when tethered with either copper or fiber cable, WiFi at the surface)
3-Schichtiges Datenverarbeitungskonzept: ARM-Basiertes System-Managementmodul, Intel-Atom-Rechner für Navigation und Intel i7-Rechner für Bildverarbeitung

Organisational Details

Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
German Aerospace Center e.V.
Grant number: The EurEx project is funded by the German Ministry of Economics (BMWI), Grant No. 50 NA 1217).
Application Field: Underwater Robotics
Space Robotics
Related Projects: EurEx-LUNa
EurEx - Persistent under-ice navigation (03.2020- 09.2023)
EurEx-Safe Long-Term Navigation (09.2017- 10.2019)
Autonomous underwater vehicle (11.2013- 06.2017)
Europa-Explorer (12.2012- 04.2016)
Localization and mapping in confined underwater environments (09.2009- 07.2012)
Related Robots: Teredo IceShuttle
Through-Ice-Cap Transfer-Vehicle & Base Station
This system is not actively used anymore.
Federal Ministry of Economics and TechnologyGerman Aerospace Center e.V.

System description

Project badge Europa-Explorer (Source: Marius Wirtz, DFKI)
The autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) Leng was designed as long-distance exploration vehicle. Its shape was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Europa-Explorer-Project: very small diameter (in order to fit into the ice drill) as well as a hydrodynamically optimized outer hull (in order to reduce energy consumption and enable long-range missions). The vehicle is equipped with a large number of different navigation sensors since localization quality and availability are of key importance – in the Europa-Explorer-scenario the vehicle has to return to its starting position (ice drill) even after having conducted long-distance missions.
Besides operating fully-autonomously, the AUV can be operated in hybrid-ROV-mode by connecting either a fiber or copper data cable.

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