New Economic Developments of Innovative Models for Intelligent Transport Systems

The goal of the project No LimITS is to improve the integration of electric mobility into the people’s everyday mobility scheme. A network of mobility services is to be developed on the basis of existing mobility and information services as a business-to-business model. This will help to integrate electric mobility services, e.g., car sharing, into the existing landscape of mobility providers and support their users by offering accompanying services.

Duration: 01.01.2015 till 30.09.2017
Donee: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
Grant number: 03EM0405B
Partner: SIEMENS, htw saar, IERC GmbH
Application Field: Electric Mobility
Related Projects: UI ElMo
eFahrung – use of electric vehicles across corporate vehicle fleets (07.2013- 12.2015)

Project details

Combined mobility services in intelligent transport systems (Source: NoLimITS)
The project seeks to increase the significance of electric mobility for covering the mobility needs within the model region Bremen/Oldenburg and throughout the country.

In order to reach this goal we work to stimulate cooperations between different providers of mobility-related services and to integrate the different services within an exemplary  business-to-business mobility service network. As a showcase scenario the user shall be able to pick seamlessly and transparently multimodal trips including public transport and electric mobility. The generic, modular structure of the system enables an easy transfer to other regions as well.

This way the conditions for the adaption of present and future electric mobility services to the user’s needs will be improved.

The experiences gained from this approach and from interviews that are conducted with experts and stakeholders in the field of electric mobility enable us to give qualified recommendations on future trends and actions in the field of electric mobility.

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