Four-wheel, skid-steered mobile outdoor robot

Technical Details

Size: 1.05 m x 0.84 m x 0.5 m
Weight: Approx. 80 kg (base platform)
Power supply:
3 hours (3 additional hours by second battery set, hot pluggable)
Actuation/ Engine:
2 motors (right / left, skid-steered)
2 x IDS GB Camera, Sick laser range finder (LRF), Hokuyo Laser scanner, inertial sensors (IMU)
The periphal components are connected via two switches using Gigabit-Ethernet or USB.

Organisational Details

Application Field: Space Robotics
Related Projects: IMPERA
Integrated Mission Planning for Distributed Robot Systems (04.2011- 03.2014)
Virtual state prediction for Groups of reactive autonomous Robots (04.2011- 06.2014)
This system is used for teaching students.

System description

Photo: Mark Kasumovic, DFKI
The robot  SeekurJr is based on the correspondend platform of the manufacturer „Adept/Mobile Robots“.  It is a very robust outdoor system which can especially be used on uneven, e.g., rocky or sandy ground. The base platform was extended by several sensors plus a pan-tilt unit. The system is used for the primary research tasks of autonomous self-evaluation and the detection of unspecified failures and disturbances, especially on sandy or uneven ground.
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last updated 07.11.2023