RH5 Manus

Humanoid robot as an assistance system in a human-optimized environment

Technical Details

Size: 340 x 580 x 1870 mm (on platform)
Weight: 36 kg (excluding platform, equipped with 2x 4-finger-gripper)
Power supply: 48 V, 5 Ah, LiFePo Akku
Actuation/ Engine:
19x BLDC RoboDrive + HarmonicDrive,
8x RoboDrive + Ballscrew,
3x Dynamixel
2x ZED Mini stereo camera for object detection
Xsens MTi-300 AHRS IMU
Velodyne LiDAR VLP-16 Puck for mapping and self-localization
ATI 6-DOF force torque sensors (2 pc.) at wrist joints,
Absolute angle measurement in each joint, current measurement enables force control in each joint
Motor electronics:
DFKI electronic stack for all drives:
- Input voltage: 12V-54V
- FPGA- Spartan 6:XC6SLX45
- Serial communication for Spartan-6 (320MSym/s)
- Sinusoidal commutation
- 2 x LVDS for local sensors
- 2 x Ports for IC Haus MU sensors
optional 2-, 3- und 4-finger-gripper, passiv adaptiv

Organisational Details

Sponsor: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
German Aerospace Center e.V.
Application Field: Assistance- and Rehabilitation Systems
Logistics, Production and Consumer
Space Robotics
Related Projects: TransFIT
Flexible Interaction for infrastructures establishment by means of teleoperation and direct collaboration; transfer into industry 4.0 (07.2017- 12.2021)
Learning and Verifying Complex Behaviours for Humanoid Robots (06.2020- 05.2024)
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Humanoid robot as an assistance system in a human-optimized environment
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An add-on for Blender allowing editing and exporting of robots for the MARS simulation
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
German Aerospace Center e.V.

System description

Humanoid robot RH5 Manus (Photo: Thomas Frank, DFKI)
Gripper of the humanoid robot RH5 Manus (Photo: Thomas Frank, DFKI)
The humanoid robot RH5 Manus is a further development of the robot RH5, which was developed for use in a direct human environment, e.g. on a future moon station. The upper body as well as the arms and the head of the robot, which serves as a sensor carrier for the visual and acoustic perception of the system, were revised for this robot. In addition to autonomous and semi-autonomous use, the robot should also be able to be teleoperated by means of an exoskeleton, whereby the visual perception and acting forces and moments of the robot are made available to the controlling person by means of virtual reality methods. For the time being, the robot was installed on a passive platform. There is an interface compatible to the legs of the robot RH5.

The hybrid serial and parallel design architecture was further developed to optimize weight while increasing stiffness. For improved dynamic behavior, the drive components of the arms were optimized and masses were shifted towards the shoulder joints. The system was equipped with modular grippers which are optionally available in 3 variations as 2-, 3- and 4-finger grippers and can be exchanged with little effort on the robot. The grippers are adaptive and equipped with a haptic sensor system.


RH5 Manus – Humanoid assistance robot for future space missions

Introducing RH5 Manus: A Powerful Humanoid Upper Body Design for Dynamic Movements

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