Schilling Orion 7P

The Orion 7P used in the CManipulator project. (Source: Schilling Robotics)

Technical Details

Size: 70cm x 30cm x 105cm in stow position
Weight: 54 kg
Power supply: Hydraulic pressure unit with 7KW
Speed: Hydraulic linear actuators, 7 DOF
Linear encoders

Organisational Details

Application Field: Underwater Robotics
Related Projects: CManipulator
An Autonomous Dual Manipulator for Deep-Sea Inspection and Maintenance (09.2006- 09.2009)
Towards an Alliance of European Research fleets and maritime Equipment (04.2013- 06.2017)
PriMa - Precise Manipulation (05.2015- 03.2016)
Robotic Exploration of Extreme Environments (10.2012- 09.2017)
Related Software: Rock
Robot Construction Kit
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

breadboard (Source: DFKI)

The Orion 7P by Schilling Robotics is a hydraulic deep sea underwater manipulator which is currently used in many industrial heavy workclass ROVs (remotely operated vehicles). It has an operational depth of up to 6000 meters. The control which is shipped with the manipulator is a manual master slave controller. Within the CManipulator project this manual controller was replaced by a computer control. The hydraulic manipulator is driven by a hydraulic pressure unit with 7KW.


CManipulator: Bewegungskompensation

Bewegungskompensation von Bewegungen der Basis durch das CManipulator System.

CManipulator: GISMA plug static

Autonomes Anschlie├čen eines GISMA-Steckers Unterwasser.

CManipulator: Freiwassertest

Der Freiwassertest fand in Eckernf├Ârde statt.

CManipulator: Autonome Unterwassermanipulation

Autonomes Aufnehmen eines Transponders durch das CManipulator System.

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