Open development, test and verification platform for autonomous driving

Technical Details

Size: 2.870 x 1.650 x 1546 (without equipment)
Weight: 1093 kg (without equipment)
Power supply:
12kWh / 96V – LiFePO4
Speed: 100 km/h
Actuation/ Engine:
Velodyne HDL-32E, IBEO Scala, Hokuyo UTM-30-LX-EW, Delphi ESR, Delphi SRR2, NeoBotic USBoard + URF7 sensors, SEKONIX 60° & 120° GMSL Cameras, Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, MobilEye, Xsens MTI-G-700
Ethernet, CANbus, WLAN, SerialBus

Organisational Details

Sponsor: European Union
Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
Application Field: Electric Mobility
Logistics, Production and Consumer
SAR- & Security Robotics
Related Projects: DaBrEM
Dalian - Bremen Electric Mobility (07.2013- 12.2015)
Center for European Research on Mobility Urban Validation Environment (10.2016- 09.2019)
Dream-like simulation abilities for automated cars (01.2017- 12.2019)
Related Robots: EO smart connecting car 2
Highly flexible and modular robotic car and trailer as modular platform

System description

DFKI test platform in the EMC test (Source: Mehmed Yüksel, DFKI GmbH)
Roof sensor carrier with different sensors on DFKI test platform (Source: Thomas Frank, DFKI GmbH)

The MIA is a fully electrified small series vehicle equipped with additional actuators, sensors and electronics for autonomous driving. The available hardware and software interfaces and sensor mounting racks allow the test of additional sensors as well as the development of new algorithms for research and development purposes. Further it can be used as a validation platform. With basic autonomy functions (vehicle control, environment perception, mapping and localization) the system meets the requirements for various development and validation levels. The vehicle is EMC tested and by the road traffic act (StVO)  approved*. It may be used either on closed test areas/tracks or on public streets**.

*For manual driving in public traffic.
**Tests on private test areas/tracks  or on public areas may require additional approval.


CERMcity: Center for European Research on Mobility Urban Validation Environment

MIA test platform: DFKI´s open test, development and verification platform for autonomous driving

At the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center (RIC) the researcher are working on several projects to develop new mobility solutions, like the design of novel electric robotic platforms or autonomous driving solutions with AI for urban and rural regions since 2010.

DaBrEM: Dalian-Bremen Electric Mobility

Four modiefied off-the-shelf electric vehicles for autonomous driving in the road train.

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