SentryBot II

An Autonomous, Co-Operative Multi-Robot System for Security and Surveillance

SentryBotII Indoor (Source: Markus Eich, DFKI GmbH)
SentryBotII Indoor (Source: Markus Eich, DFKI GmbH)
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Dr.-Ing. Markus Eich
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Based on an autonomous security robot developed at the DFKI, a cooperating robot system will be built. The prototype of the existing SentryBot is equipped with motion detectors based on radar and infrared, as well as with a camera. Currently, four such robots equipped with recharging units are being constructed for the surveillance of the Bremen Robotics Lab. Based on experience gained with our SentryBot study, a larger model (ASGUARD II) has been developed which may be used outdoors and in areas which are more difficult to get to (i.e. staircases) and which features an infrared camera as well as a zoom camera.

Duration: 01.06.2007 till 31.12.2007
Donee: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
Application Field: SAR- & Security Robotics
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An Autonomous, Co-Operative Multi-Robot System for Security and Surveillance (11.2006- 05.2007)
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Advanced Security Guard V2
Advanced Security Guard V1
Security robot
SentryBotII Outdoor (Source: Markus Eich, DFKI GmbH)
Source: Markus Eich, DFKI GmbH


SentryBot: Indoor-Patrouille

SentryBot Indoor ist ein mobiler Sicherheitsroboter, der autonom in Räumen patroullieren kann.

ASGUARD v2: Outdoor-Testfahrt

ASGUARD II runs over a variety of obstacles and climb stairs. The The ASGUARD II (Advanced Security Guard) robot is a highly mobile platform that can move fast on flat terrain, overcome obstacles and climb stairs. This robot is actuated by four wheels and has a body with a passive degree of freedom. The obstacles in this video are part of the robot test track that was built at the DFKI building in Bremen.

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