A Biomimetic Walking Robot

Technical Details

Size: 60 x 40 x 30 (L/W/H in cm) in M-shape position
Weight: 10,5 kg including a set of batteries
Power supply:
2 x 14,4V 3,0Ah NiMH batteries
Speed: max: ½ body length/sec = 30cm/sec
Actuation/ Engine:
8 (legs) x 3 (joints) = 24 motors
24 x absolute angle transmitters,
24 x current sensors,
8 x pressure sensors in the feet,
Tilt/Roll inclinometers,
Infrared-distance sensor in the front (80cm),
CCD-Camera (0,005 Lux) with wireless transmission

Organisational Details

Application Field: Space Robotics
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

Photo: Ingo Wagner

The SCORPION is an eight-legged walking robot for hazardous outdoor-terrain. It can go to where other robots get into trouble. It uses a biomimetic control concept which allows a very flexible, robust walking behavior. The walking gaits of the SCORPION robot are based on research on walking patterns of real scorpions.

The SCORPION can be controlled in an intuitive way with a GUI and an optional voice control. The developed models of the biological motor systems enable the robot to adapt autonomously to a multitude of different terrains and obstacles.

Possible future fields of application include exploration of hazardous environments, e.g. in SAR missions. Currently an amphibious version of the SCORPION is under development. A copy of the SCORPION is in use at the NASA Ames Research Center to evaluate the advantages of legged systems for extraterrestrial missions.


SCORPION: Trouble-free running on different subsoils

8-legged walking robot for hazardous outdoor-terrain which uses a biomimetic control concept allowing a very flexible, robust walking behavior

Lunares: Reconfigurable robots for extraterrestrial exploration

Reconfigurable Robots for Extraterrestrial Exploration

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last updated 08.07.2024