Mitsubishi PA 10-7C

Robot arm with seven degrees of freedom

Mitsubishi PA 10-7C
Photo: Photo-Studio Blanck
This system is also used for teaching

Technical Details

Size: Controller: 240(B)x400(L)x200(H) mm
Weight: Robot: 40 Kg; Controller: 18 Kg
Power supply: Controller: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz, under 1.5kVA
Speed: max. Sa, S2: 57deg/s; S3, E1: 114deg/s; E2,W1,W2: 360deg/s
Actuation/ Engine:
Robot: AC servomotors
Position Sensors: Brushless resolver (absolute position)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
Number of Joints:
Type of Joints:
10 kg
Position repeatability:
±0.1 mm

Organisational Details

Application Field: Logistics, Production and Consumer
This system is used for teaching students.

System description

Photo: Photo-Studio Blanck

The Mitsubishi PA10-7C is a seven degrees of freedom robot arm that serves to research on new approaches in the area of industrial robotics, mainly focusing on logistics and production scenarios. The robot's open architecture (hardware and software) provides the possibility to control and modify any aspect of the robot's behaviour as well as to include new sensor information to the control loop. New advances in visual-servoing techniques (visual information used as feedback signal to control the robot's motion), interaction control methods to safely and robustly interact with the environment, and the use of RFID information for an intelligent package handling are some of the solutions being implemented and tested on this platform. As ultimate aim, the results of this research are to be brought to the industry.

The acquisition of a second robot arm is expected in a short term. The purpose is to build an intelligent dual-manipulator system to be used in logistics applications for the handling of heterogeneous goods.

The robotarm is further equipped with:

  • Gripper: Parallel; 0.5 to 7kg grasping force
  • Force/Torque Sensor: Gamma-R-10-M2, ±130 N, ±10 N-m, 6 DoF from ATI


Mitsubishi PA10-7C: Logistik

Mit dem Mitsubishi PA10-7C werden neue Ansätze auf dem Gebiet der Industrierobotik mit Schwerpunkt auf Logistik und Produktionsszenarien erforscht.

Mitsubishi PA10-7C: Embodied Cognition

Verhaltensbasierte Ansätzen gepaart mit bio-inspirierten Konzepten für den Greifer und die Greif- und Handhabungsbewegungen.

Mitsubishi PA10-7C: Mensch-Roboter Interaktion

Der Benutzer führt den Roboter während dieser das Gewicht trägt.

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