Innok Heros

Technical Details

Size: 765 x 730 x 876 mm
Weight: 115 kg
Power supply:
Li-Ion Battery: 48V 20Ah
Speed: 1,7 m/s
Actuation/ Engine:
2WD differential drive
with swing axle
0.8kW combined engine power
Trimble BD982 RTK GNSS Receiver
Xsens MTi-30 IMU
Sick LD-MRS laserscanner
RIEGEL VZ-400i laserscanner (optional)
802.11b/g/n WLAN, 4G LTE, Gigabit Ethernet, USB
Ground clearance:

Organisational Details

Application Field: Agricultural Robotics
Related Projects: SOILAssist2
Sustainable protection and improvement of soil functions with intelligent land management strategies (10.2018- 09.2021)

System description

The Innok Heros is a special variant of the Heros robot from Innok Robotics for the DFKI.

It combines a high ground clearance with a high payload of 200 kgs to allow the usage of complex sensor systems (like the RIEGL VZ-400i) in difficult terrain. The robot also includes a high-precision GNSS/GPS receiver, an integrated inertial measurement unit, a high-performance PC with ROS support, and a laserscanner for obstacle detection.

The Innok Heros is used as platform for evaluation of sensor systems and area surveying.

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last updated 07.11.2023