EO smart connecting car

EO smart connecting car further development in subprojekt ITEM

Technical Details

Size: 2.58 m x 1.57 m x 1.6 m; and 1.81m x 1.57 m x 2.25 m in folded state. (The indication of the length of the vehicle depends on the type of tire/tyre-section. The values have been recorded with tires of type 200/60 R 16 79V.)
Weight: 600kg
Power supply:
50V und 12V – lead acid battery
Actuation/ Engine:
4 x 4kW Main motors; 16 x longstroke-Lineardrive with 1000N und 2000N
20 x Linear potentiometer; Current measurement; Steeringwheel with Feedback; Gas as well as break pedale

Organisational Details

Application Field: Electric Mobility
Related Projects: ITEM – Innovative Technologies Electric Mobility
MR Bremen-Oldenburg – New Mobility in Rural Regions: Applied Electric Mobility – Innovative Technologies Electromobility (10.2011- 06.2014)
Dalian - Bremen Electric Mobility (07.2013- 12.2015)
Center for European Research on Mobility Urban Validation Environment (10.2016- 09.2019)
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

Back view of the car with open doors (Photo: Timo Birnschein, DFKI)
View of the car with closed doors and the size relation to the passenger (Photo: Timo Birnschein, DFKI)

EO – „I go“ in Latin – was developed as internal project and, with a large number of degrees of freedom, offers considerably more mobility than conventional vehicles. It is designed both for cross-country trips and inner-city areas.

This vehicle has been designed as pure concept vehicle and thus offers an ideal platform for experiments with new and innovative technologies in the area of electric mobility.

As opposed to a conventional car, the independent suspension of the EO smart connecting car is entirely configurable through four linear actuators. This is why the axis is extremely mobile, lifts and lowers itself, performs a 90 degree-swing for a sideways drive, allows separate steering in the front and in the back, turns the vehicle on the spot, changes the morphology of its height and length, and is thus in a position to adapt to practically all driving situations possible.

Within the subproject ITEM of the eMob2011ff project, this technology will be further developed with the aim to create a fully autonomous vehicle by adding more sensors.


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