Autonomous Railguided Tank Inspection System

Technical Details

Size: Varies, depending on attached modules. Typical configuration: 900 x 244 x 293 mm
Weight: ~6 kg
Power supply:
25,6 V 5000 mAh LiPo accumulator
Actuation/ Engine:
Brushed DC, 110 mNm, 36:1 planetary gear
High resolution pan-tilt panorama camera with in-house developed LED flash electronics (Prosilica GC2450C), Inertial Measurement Unit (Xsens Mti); Depending on application scenario: Laserscanner (Hokuyo UTM 30-LX), TOF-Distance camera (Mesa Imaging SR4000)
Waterproof 5 DOF manipulator
further sensors:
Oxygen sensor, Thickness measurement sensor

Organisational Details

Application Field: Underwater Robotics
Logistics, Production and Consumer
Related Projects: ROT
Robots in Tanks (05.2009- 04.2011)
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

ARTIS in test tank facility (generating panorama pictures) (Source: Leif Christensen, DFKI GmbH)
ARTIS in test tank facility (Source: Leif Christensen, DFKI GmbH)
ARTIS manipulator testing (Source: Leif Christensen, DFKI GmbH)

ARTIS is an autonomous robot demonstrating inspection and maintenance in confined and obstructed spaces as they appear in tanks on ships, especially in double bottom ballast water tanks. Due to these restrictions as well as the residue of ballast water (fouling gas, rust, mud, etc.), the inspection and maintenance is a time-consuming, expensive and dangerous task for humans.

This environment conditions makes it also hard for a robot to successfully operate there, since  most of the common locomotion techniques could not be used. Therefore, ARTIS makes use of a cost-effective 3D rail system that can easily be installed in-place.


ARTIS: Tank inspection robot


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