Autonomous manipulation robot

Technical Details

Size: 60cm x 50cm x 130cm
Weight: 25kg
Power supply:
12V lead batteries, 34Ah
Actuation/ Engine:
4-wheel drive, 2motors for differential steering
SICK LMS 111 for 2D navigation, Hokuyo UTM 30LX for 3D Perception, XSence IMU, 2 Guppy cameras for stereo vision
Kinova Jako Arm mit 6 Freiheitsgraden

Organisational Details

Application Field: Space Robotics
Related Projects: IMPERA
Integrated Mission Planning for Distributed Robot Systems (04.2011- 03.2014)
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

The System AMPARO is used within the IMPERA project for the assembly of lunar infrastructure. The system is equipped with 2D and 3D perception sensors. It is used for handling, assembly and transportation tasks in lunar environment.


IMPERA: Exploration and object-manipulation with the robot-team

A team of two robots are demonstration the abilities to localize and to transport objects.

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