Pithekos II

Pithekos II
Source: Daniel Kühn, DFKI

Technical Details

Size: 49,0 x 24,5 x 20,7 (LxBxH in cm)
Weight: 2,0kg
Power supply: 2 x 6,0V 2,7Ah NiMH batteries
Speed: ~1½ body length/sec = 70cm/sec
Actuation/ Engine:
4 (legs) x 2 (joints) = 8 servomotors

Organisational Details

Application Field: Assistance- and Rehabilitation Systems
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

Source: Daniel Kühn, DFKI

The four-legged robot Pithekos II was developed at the DFKI as part of a master thesis and serves as an experimental platform for dynamic gaits. The dynamic walking is accomplished by a lightweight design, high joint speeds and an elastic foot structure. The robot is remote-controlled and capable of performing tight turns on various surfaces.


Pithekos: 4-beiniger galoppierender Roboter

Der 4-beinige Pithekos entstand im Rahmen einer Diplomarbeit und dient als Experimentierplattform für dynamische Grundgangarten.

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