Mr. SemProM

Introducing a Digital Product Memory for Everyday Items

Technical Details

Size: 1 x 0,7 x 1,75 m; arm span 2,25 m
Actuation/ Engine:
2 x Schunk LWA3 arms with 7 DOF, 2 x Schunk PG70 claw, 1 x Schunk PW70 tilt unit
Videre STH-DCSG stereocamera
Mesa SR-3000 3D-camera
Prosilica GE680C wrist-camera
Skyetek M4 RFID module

Organisational Details

Application Field: Logistics, Production and Consumer
Related Robots: AILA
Mobile Dual-Arm-Manipulation
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

Photo: Photo-Studio Blanck

Mobile Dual-Arm-Manipulation and Digital Product Memory Improve the Autonomy of Decentralized Object Handling

With the aid of a digital product memory directly connected to the product, the dual-arm SemProM-Robot will control the transportation and gripping behaviour of the object to be handled.

The current version of the SemProM-Robot consists of a flexible head, a variable frame, and two arms, each of them with seven degrees of freedom and equipped with a gripper. This antropomorphous design is resumed in the head where the control units of the robot are located:

  • a stereo as well as a 3D-camera are used for object recognition and approaching the object
  • two bilateral symmetric computers for image processing and manipulation tasks
  • the “nervous system” consists of two CAN-lines for motor control and communication channels based on USB, Firewire, and GigaEthernet.

An additional camera located at the left wrist is responsible for visual servoing, i.e. fine motor manipulations. It supplies the robot with visual information concerning the approximation of objects close by. The position of the arm will be controlled in real-time until safe gripping is ensured.

An RFID-antennae attached to the gripper enables the robot to communicate with the digital product memory regarding size, weight, and lifting points of the considered object as well as to store in it a summary of the handling operations performed.

The final version of the robot will be mobile and able to navigate autonomously within the factory site. It will also be able to communicate with other objects and users in its environment. The system features two arms with seven degrees of freedom and a flexible torso to increase its agility. This morphology in connection with a mobile chassis enable flexible handling strategies.

The arms can be arranged variably in three angles and two shoulder lengths. Easy-to-maintain construction of the head: Each single component can be replaced without any further dismounting. Moreover, the robot can be disassembled easily for transportation.


SemProM: Semantic Product Memory

Example of the manipulation of complex and variable product packaging with smart labels and digital memories by robots

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last updated 08.07.2024