The robot snake

Technical Details

Size: 125cm x 8cm Ø
Weight: 4,3 kg
Power supply:
6V, 16Ah, NiMh
Actuation/ Engine:
7 Hitec High Torque Servos
Camera in head

Organisational Details

Application Field: Underwater Robotics
Related Projects: MEHEN
A snake-like swimming robot (05.2007- 08.2008)
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

The Mehen robot without protective skin. (Source: Jan Albiez, DFKI)

The snake-like robot Mehen is an experimental platform for testing various undulating movement techniques in water. An undulating movement is especially useful where the robot should move in a minimal invasive way, e.g. during monitoring missions in reed areas or at banks of lakes and rivers.


MEHEN: Underwater snake

The MEHEN configuration features 8 degrees of freedom and floats and dives through remote-control.

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