Biologically INspired HUmanoid Robot

Technical Details

Size: 12cm x 20 cm x 40cm
Weight: 1,5 Kg
Power supply:
LiPo Battery pack with 1440mAh at 7,4V
Actuation/ Engine:
17 Kondo KRS786 ICS Red Servos + 1 Volz MicroMaxx XP digital Servo
Motor current and position, ADXL 202 Accelerometer, Four switches per foot, CMUCam2
MPC565 PhyCore as central processing unit, Bluetooth module for wireless communication

Organisational Details

Application Field: Assistance- and Rehabilitation Systems
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

The BIN HUR project deals with the locomotion control of a humanoid robot which, by means of a balance behavior, is in a position to keep its equilibrium in spite of external disturbances. A model for this biologically inspired approach is the human walking mechanism. As opposed to wheeled systems, BIN HUR features a complex morphology with a vast number of degrees of freedom, a prerequisite to act in a flexible ways.


BIN HUR: Biologically INspired HUmanoid Robot

Biological Inspired Humanoid Robot

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last updated 07.11.2023