FlatFish - a compact subsea-resident inspection AUV
Jan Albiez, Sylvain Joyeux, Christopher Gaudig
In OCEANS'15 MTS/IEEE Washington, (OCEANS-2015), 19.10.-22.10.2015, Washington, IEEE, 2016. ISBN: 978-0-9339-5743-5.

Abstract :

Currently the inspection of industrial underwater structures is performed by remotely operated vehicles or by divers. Since the number of underwater structures keeps growing, e.g. due to new oil and gas fields or offshore wind farms, the need for a constantly available method to inspect these structures arises. The FlatFish project is an initiative of BG Group Brazil and the Brazilian Institute of Robotics in Salvador and aims at developing a subsea-resident AUV which can inspect the infrastructure at an oil and gas site on demand. FlatFish is a compact AUV, designed to acquire a high-resolution, textured 3D model of an underwater structure within an oil and gas asset. FlatFish is very agile and can hover during inspection, it uses a novel kind of navigation system to safely reach its goal within the field and is designed to stay submerged for extended periods of time. Within this paper the system design of FlatFish is presented.



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