Design and evaluation of an end-effector for a reconfigurable multi-robot system for future planetary missions
Wiebke Brinkmann, Thomas M. Roehr, Sankaranarayanan Natarajan, Florian Cordes, Roland Sonsalla, Roman Szczuka, Sebastian Bartsch, Frank Kirchner
In Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 03.3.-10.3.2018, Big Sky, Montana, IEEE, pages 1-10, Mar/2018.

Abstract :

This paper presents the design, functionality and evaluation of an end-effector, operating at the end of a 6 degree-offreedom manipulator of the existing planetary rover SherpaTT. The end-effector consists of an active electro-mechanical interface (EMI), which has an active mechanical docking interface, as well as power and data connectors, a camera primary used for visual servoing and LED lights. The ability of the end-effector to grapple different robotic systems and change their configuration is proved under laboratory and field conditions in the framework of a heterogeneous multi-robot system. The end-effector of SherpaTT is an improved version of the previous end-effector of the predecessor project RIMRES. This paper outlines the development process and improvements of the end-effector and describes its the role within different terrestrial test scenarios in more detail. Learned lesson will help to develop the end-effector in the H2020 EU-funded project SIROM(Standard Interface for Robotic Manipulation of Payloads in Future Space Missions), which will be deployed at the manipulator of SherpaTT for experimental verification for future planetary missions.



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