Coyote III: Highly Mobile and Modular Micro Rover for Cooperative Tasks
Roland Sonsalla
series DFKI Documents, volume 15-02, pages 2, Jun/2015. DFKI GmbH.

Abstract :

Robotic exploration missions are gaining in importance for the exploration of our solar system. A wide range of different scientific goals have been formulated for future exploration of Moon and Mars. In order to achieve these goals a need arises for robotic systems and mission set-ups with increasing complexity. Coyote III is developed within the scope of the project TransTerrA, which aims to implement a logistics chain to handle complex mission tasks. The poster presents the design considerations for Coyote III as well as the rover’s development and over-all modularity concept, including a modular manipulation device. An introduction of the chosen lunar reference mission is given as well as an overview of Coyote III’s key technical parameters. Coyote III is a highly mobile modular micro rover platform, able to act as a shuttle rover performing autonomous operations.

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