Proceedings of the RIC Project Day 11/2014 - Workgroups ‘Signal Processing’ and ‘Interaction & Generic Multi Robot Control Interface (ROCON)’
Editors: Tim Tiedemann, Elsa Andrea Kirchner, Frank Kirchner
series DFKI Documents, volume 14-07, pages 116, Nov/2014. DFKI GmbH.

Abstract :

This document is the current edition of a publication series which records the topics, discussions and e orts of the workgroups at the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center (RIC). Each edition contains presentation slides and posters of a project day which is organized by two workgroups. Workgroups provide a platform for cross-project communication and knowledge transfer. They are formed by peers dedicated to a speci c topic. Each workgroup has one administrator. In 2008, the workgroups started to present their results and e orts in an open presentation format called brown-bag talk. From 2009 onwards, these presentation were held at so-called project days. Since 2014, a project day consists of two main parts: an oral session and a poster session. Both sessions are documented in a proceedings using the DFKI Document format.

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