Active Ankle - an Almost-Spherical Parallel Mechanism
Marc Simnofske, Shivesh Kumar, Bertold Bongardt, Frank Kirchner
In 47th International Symposium on Robotics (ISR 2016), (ISR), 21.6.-22.6.2016, Munich, VDE Verlag, pages 37-42, Jun/2016.

Abstract :

Since parallel manipulators only provide restricted workspaces in comparison to their serial counterparts they cannot compete as versatile multi-purpose tools in flexible industrial set-ups. However, their superior properties in terms of stiffness, payload, speed, and acceleration often allow an advantageous application in more tailored use-cases. This paper lays out the concept of a novel parallel mechanism - called the Active Ankle - which operates in an almost-spherical manner with three degrees of freedom. The text motivates the primarily intended application of the novel device as an ankle joint of a full-body exoskeleton. In addition, the paper discusses the design, the topology, results of a motion simulation, and a comparison with related mechanisms of the Active Ankle.

Keywords :

Mechanical Design; Parallel Manipulators; Spherical Mechanisms; Workspace Characterization




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