Online trajectory generation using the Reflexxes library’
Benjamin Girault, Malte Wirkus
In Proceedings of the RIC Project Day "Framework & Standardization" and "Manipulation & Control", 19.6.2014, Selbstverlag, Bremen, series DFKI Documents, volume 14-03 , number 14-03, Jun/2014. DFKI GmbH. ISBN: ISSN 0946-0098.

Abstract :

This talk presents the case of online trajectory generation and how the library Reflexxes ( solved this problem. The first part explains why we need trajectory generation algorithms that can deal with arbitrary initial states, can be computed online and allows the joints of the robot to be time synchronized and reach a target position and speed. The second parts describes the library Reflexxes, its features and how it works. Finally, examples of implementation at the DFKI are presented.

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