BLDC wheel hub motor and motor controller performance test of a concept electric robotic vehicle in HIL according to real driving characteristics
Mehmed Yüksel, Stefan Lösch, Sven Kroffke, Michael Rohn, Frank Kirchner
In 2015 9th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ELECO), (ELECO-2015), 26.11.-28.11.2015, Bursa, Chamber of Electrical Engineers of Turkey, pages 613-617, 2015. IEEE. ISBN: 978-6-0501-0737-1.

Abstract :

In this paper we are presenting a method, which is developed as a part of our framework for designing complex robotic vehicle systems, to test a power train of a robotic concept car according to the real driving characteristic from telemetry data gathered from a subset of a pilot electric vehicle fleet in northern Germany in Hardware-in-the-Loop. Our aim is to investigate the driving performance of our modified BLDC wheel hub motor and its motor controller under urban area traffic conditions.




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