From CAD to a working simulation model
Jan Paul, Bertold Bongardt
In Proceedings of the RIC Project Day Workgroups Locomotion&Simulation, 17.9.-17.9.2015, Bremen, Selbstverlag, series DFKI Documents, volume 14_06, number 1406, 2015. Robotivs Innovation Center Bremen. DFKI.

Abstract :

CAD2SIM is a tool that can export a MARS simulation model for a Robot from a SolidWorks CAD construction. The advantage is that with some additional settings a simulation model can directly be exported from the original construction model instead of creating a new simulation model from scratch, trying to match the CAD original as close as possible. This also enables updating the simulation from an updated CAD-Model, so that changes in the CAD Model of the robot can quickly be tested in simulation. The simulation models generated are not only restricted to MARS but also URDF, Matlab, OpenRAVE and RBDL models are exported. The URDF-Models can later be adapted using Phobos, a plugin for Blender.

last updated 28.02.2023