Yong-Ho Yoo
In Proceedings of the RIC Project Day Workgroups Locomotion&Simulation, 17.9.-17.9.2015, Bremen, Selbstverlag, series DFKI Documents, volume 14_06, number 1406, 2015. Robotivs Innovation Center Bremen. DFKI.

Abstract :

In the DFKI industry project IMPaC SOTLL, we developed the 6-DOF robot crane arm concept for a floating LNG terminal. This talk presents some of the results from the project about the modeling and simulation of the crane robot control system for the transfer of the loading device between a floating LNG terminal and a LNG cargo. One of the key figures for the crane robot control system is the robot arm kinematics. In order to prove the concept of the crane robot arm, the forward and inverse kinematics modeling of the robot arm has been developed and implemented in MATLAB / ADAMS co-simulation environment. To test the SOTLL whole scenario of the physical behavior of the system, such as position, speed and forces, as well as to evaluate accurately and graphically the 3D movements of the crane and the ships, the 3D simulation of the floating LNG terminal and the LNG cargo was built in the multi-body simulator ADAMS. To realize the motion of the floating LNG terminal and the LNG cargo in the simulation, the motion inputs provided by the customer records of vessel movements were used for the ship movements in the ADAMS simulation.

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