Towards Describing and Deploying Whole-Body Generic Manipulation Behaviours
José de Gea Fernández, Dennis Mronga, Malte Wirkus, Vinzenz Bargsten, Behnam Asadi, Frank Kirchner
In 2015 Space Robotics Symposium, 29.10.-30.10.2015, Glasgow, IET, University of Strathclyde, 2015.

Abstract :

This paper presents our current work on integrating three key components aiming at significantly increasing manipulation performance: namely, trajectory planning, whole-body sensor-based reactive control, and dynamic control into a newly developed modular, robot-independent and easily-reconfigurable software framework which allows reusing components to describe a variety of complex manipulation behaviours.

Keywords :

artificial intelligence, AI, manipulation, skill, software architecture, task planning, monitoring, sensorbased control, dynamic control, whole-body control, planning



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