Entern -- Environment Modelling and Navigation for Robotic Space-Exploration
Jakob Schwendner, Javier Hidalgo Carrió, Raúl Domínguez, Steffen Planthaber, Yong-Ho Yoo, Behnam Asadi, Janosch Machowinski, Christian Rauch, Frank Kirchner
In Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation (ASTRA), (ASTRA), 11.5.-13.5.2015, Noordwijk, inproceedings ASTRA, 2015.

Abstract :

Lunar and planetary craters and caves are of special scientific interest and have the potential to provide shelter for human habitats. Robots could provide the means to explore these difficult environments. A number of challenges are involved with the exploration: The robots have to be highly mobile to negotiate the difficult terrain, and need to perform most of their task autonomously, especially in caves lacking radio communication. This paper gives an overview of the Entern project and the associated goals and challenges. This includes the research of technologies for operations, environment representation and navigation. Special emphasis is put into the development of on-board simulation, to improve the reliability and the operational envelope of the robots. Further, a description of evaluation scenarios in relevant earth analogue environments is provided.

Keywords :

Key words: Robots, Exploration, Caves, Lava Tubes, Moon, Mars.





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