Structural Health and Load Monitoring with Material-embedded Sensor Networks and Self-organizing Multi-agent Systems
Stefan Bosse, Armin Lechleiter
In Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on System-integrated Intelligence, (SysInt-2014), 02.7.-04.7.2014, Bremen, o.A., volume 15, number 0, pages 669-691, 2014.

Abstract :

Abstract One of the major challenges in Structural Health Monitoring and load monitoring of mechanical structures is the derivation of meaningful information from sensor data. This work investigates a hybrid data processing approach for material-integrated SHM and LM systems by using self-organizing mobile multi-agent systems (MAS), with agent processing platforms scaled to microchip level which offer material-integrated real-time sensor systems, and inverse numerical methods providing the spatial resolved load information from a set of sensors embedded in the technical structure. Inverse numerical approaches usually require a large amount of computational power and storage resources, not suitable for resource constrained sensor node implementations. Instead, off-line computation is performed, with on-line sensor processing by the agent system.

Keywords :

Embedded Systems,Heterogeneous Networks,Inverse Numerical Computation,Mobile Agent,Sensor Network,Structural Health Monitoring


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