From the Internet-of-Things to Sensor Clouds - Unified Distributed Computing in Heterogeneous Environments with Smart and Mobile Multi-Agent Systems
Stefan Bosse
In Proceedings of the Smart Systems Integration Conference 2015, (SSI-2015), 11.3.-12.3.2015, Kopenhagen, VDI, 2015.

Abstract :

A novel and unified design approach for reliable distributed and parallel data processing in large scale networks consisting of high- and of low-resource nodes using mobile agents is introduced. This approach enables the development of sensor clouds of the future integrated in daily use computing environments and the Internet. Agents can mi- grate between different hardware and software platforms by migrating the program code of the agent, embedding the state and the data of an agent, too. Agent mobility crossing dif- ferent execution platforms, agent interaction by using tuple-space databases, and agent code reconfiguration enable the design of reliable distributed sensor processing networks.

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