A Framework for Design, Test, and Validation of Electric Car Modules
Mehmed Yüksel, Mohammed Ahmed, Benjamin Girault, Timo Birnschein, Frank Kirchner
In Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2014 Smart Systems for Safe, Clean and Automated Vehicles, (AMAA-2014), 23.6.-24.6.2014, Berlin, Springer International Publishing, pages 245-254, Jun/2014. ISBN: 978-3-319-08086-4.

Abstract :

This paper presents a practical framework and workflow for development and implementation of vehicle hardware and software components. It covers all activities from unit testing of single components to field experiments with the final constructed car. The described framework is based on the rapid control prototyping approach that is used for development and enables modularity in the design of subsystems. The framework was successfully used for the development and implementation of our new electric car concept (EO smart connecting car 2). Performance is analyzed through detailed simulations and experiments. The Framework reduces time and costs significantly for implementing component prototypes of the target system.





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