An innovative, comprehensive concept for energy efficient electric mobility - EO smart connecting car
Timo Birnschein, Frank Kirchner, Benjamin Girault, Mehmed Yüksel, Janosch Machowinski
In 2012 IEEE International Energy Conference and Exhibition (EnergyCon), (EnergyCon-2012), 09.9.2012, Florence, IEEE Explore, pages 1028-1033, Sep/2012.

Abstract :

Within this paper, an innovative mobility concept is laid out, discussed, and demonstrated using the prototype car EO smart connecting car. The design concepts of a shrinkable as well as dockable car with the ability to move its four wheels freely and independently is described as well as the ability to dock with modules and other cars to form road trains. Furthermore, the software framework controlling the car and all its systems is depicted. Last but not least, the autonomous behavior the car will offer is discussed and future work will be projected.

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