Robot Recognition and Modeling in the RoboCup Standard Platform League
Alexander Fabisch, Tim Laue, Thomas Röfer
Editors: Enrico Pagello, Changjiu Zhou, Sven Behnke, Emanuele Menegatti, Thomas Röfer, Peter Stone
In Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots, (Humanoids-2010), 06.12.-08.12.2010, Nashville, TN, IEEE Press, 2010.

Abstract :

To achieve a reasonable level of play in the RoboCup Standard Platform League, a number of basic abilities such as obstacle avoidance and passing are necessary. Most of these abilities have one thing in common: they rely on information about other robots. In this paper, we present a vision-based approach for robot recognition in the RoboCup Standard Platform League as well as an algorithm to track the recognized robots. Both approaches were developed considering the limited computing resources of the Nao to allow an application in actual games.


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