A Concept of a Reliable Three-Layer Behaviour Control System for Cooperative Autonomous Robots
Christian Rauch, Tim Köhler, Martin Schröer, Elmar Berghöfer, Frank Kirchner
In Proceedings of the German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, (KI-2012), 24.9.-27.9.2012, Saarbrücken, o.A., Sep/2012.

Abstract :

Especially in robotic applications with hardly accessible and unknown environments like deep-sea or space missions, two requirements are given: First, the robotic systems need to work reliably and, second, an autonomous operation would increase the effciency a lot. While the demand for a reliable system behaviour could be satisfied through predefined and tested plans and models, the unknown environment impedes both. Presented is a concept of a reliable behaviour control system that is meant to be used in the context of a lunar or planetary space mission with a loosely-coupled group of autonomous robots. To realize a reliable system behaviour even in unknown environments, the proposed design follows a biologically inspired approach including adaptable prediction and self-evaluation components.

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